Alternative lifestyle and portrait photography / classic figure photography by J.R.
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Contemporary photography
     with classical style
Silver Mirage Gallery

Portrait and Fantasy
Personal photography with a classical look
Portrait  / Fantasy / Boudoir / Glamour/ Figure / Fine Art

Photography for creative people and alternative lifestyles
echoing the  Hollywood glamour and film noir look of the 1930s and '40s:

Actors, artists, writers, musicians, performers.
Goth, metal, punk, tattoos, biker, cosplay, vampire, gamer

Make a great first impression online

Professional Photography for resume and  portfolio websites.
Look your best on Facebook, modeling and  match sites.

Headshots, portfolio pictures and publicity photos

for actors, models, artists, musicians, writers, performers and business people
For bookings and information e-mail:

Amarillo, Lubbock and the Texas Panhandle
Silver Mirage

Portrait photography in in a classical style
for the Texas Panhandle.
Amarillo, Lubbock and surrounding areas.
Figure, Fantasy, & Boudoir.
Glamour, Beauty, Headshots, & Portfolio.

Figure and Nudes

Classic Figure and Experimental Nudes